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Certified Parts for Military Aircraft

Williams Aerospace & Manufacturing manufactures a wide variety of replacement parts for military aircraft, from simple single piece parts to complex assemblies. We use a vacuum forming process in the manufacture of interior trim panels for aircraft. Our sewn products include radiation absorbing panels, curtains, duct insulating blankets, seat covers and many others. We also build floor panels consisting of fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless-steel honeycomb sandwich structures. Our machined products range from simple turned parts to assemblies made up of precision CNC machined components. We can produce thousands of different parts for the C-5, C-130, and P-3 series Lockheed Martin aircraft. We also make parts for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and other OEM aircraft.


Williams Aerospace & Manufacturing is a Certified Parts Licensee under the Lockheed Martin Hologram Products Program for the C-130 and P-3 aircraft. This program requires selected manufacturers, who have been certified to Lockheed Martin’s high-quality standards, to apply a unique and distinctive hologram to every part they make. Parts bearing this hologram are certified to meet the highest quality and reliability requirements as set forth by Lockheed Martin.

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Product Lines

Williams Aerospace manufactures a wide variety of replacement parts for military aircraft, from simple single piece parts to complex assemblies.


Capabilities to machine from simple to complex tight tolerance parts and assemblies.


Sheet metal forming from complex to simple parts, including titanium hot forming, drop hammer, rubber box forming, and thermoformed plastic parts.


Vacuum forming, ejection molded plastic parts, and fabrication of a variety of pre-preg material.


Complete fabrication of floor and door panels including resistant heated floor panels.


From seat components to curtain installation blankets and absorbing panels.


Williams Aerospace & Manufacturing offers a diverse and dynamic work environment where all employees are committed to the community we serve and to exploring endless professional opportunities. Our success is based on delivering high quality products and providing unsurpassed customer service. We achieve this by working hard, thinking about our customers’ needs, and treating our internal and external customers with the highest level of integrity. We believe this can only be accomplished by working as a team.



508 Matrix Parkway
Greenville, SC 29673

Phone: +1.619.660.6220

Email: sales@wam-inc.com

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