Engineered Products

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There are times when the planned operational life and modernization needs of a platform can exceed the availability, or capabilities of readymade solutions. This exactly where our engineered products division can help.

Our in-house team of aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians are experts at identifying supply-chain gaps and developing customized solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can produce parts and supplies made from advanced, high-performance materials that meet, or exceed OEM specifications.

Life Extension Products

Through AllClear’s partnerships with OEMs and Lockheed Martin approved MRO Service Providers, we’ve developed a range of products that are designed to overcome aircraft systems and component obsolescence, and airframe-life limiting maintenance requirements.

These products are provided as complete system upgrade kids, or kits of the parts required to complete life-limitnig maintenance. Many of our life-extension products are OEM approved, while others are covered by FAA STC approval.

Life Extension Products:

Wing Skin

Replacement Program

C-130 E2H ECS®

Flight Station Upgrade

C-130 Digital Fuel

Quantity Measurement

Solution (DFQMSTM)


APU Upgrade Kit

Our Engineered Product Portfolio

In addition to custom-engineered solutions, AllClear customers have access to our complete portfolio of existing engineered products.


  • Wing Skin Replacement
  • Canopy Repair & Refurbishment
  • Speed Brakes


  • Vane Door Actuators
  • Flap Maneuvering Control Boxes


  • Damper Assembly
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Landing Gear


  • Angle of Attack – Switching Assembly
  • Ground Support Test Set


  • ECS Turbine Upgrade
  • Ammo Box
  • SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit

Williams Aerospace & Manufacturing

Our subsidiary, Williams Aerospace and Manufacturing, creates a wide variety of replacement parts for military aircraft. As a Lockheed Martin Licensee, the company provides AllClear customers with certified-OEM quality parts and sustainment solutions.

Product Lines:


Sheet metal forming, including titanium hot forming, drop-hammer, rubber box forming and thermoformed plastic parts.


Vacuum forming, injection molding and fabrication of pre preg materials.


From seat components to curtain installation blankets and absorbing panels.


Complete fabrication of floor and door panels, including resistant heated floor panels.


Tight-tolerance parts and assemblies.

How Can Our Engineered Products help you?

Our engineered products division is ready to provide custom solutions for your sustainment challenges.