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Distribution Partners

DAC International offers equipment from more than 20 leading manufacturers:

– Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp (AEM-Corp)
– Avidyne Corporation
– Avionik Straubing
– CMC Electronics, Inc.
– Cobham AvComm
– DMA Aero Division
– DAC International Inc.
– Freeflight Systems
– Genesys Aerosystems
– GoGo Business Aviation
– Heads Up Technologies Inc.
– Latitude Technologies Corporation
– Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics
– NDT Systems, Inc.
– Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH
– RDDS Avionics Ltd.
– Technisonic Industries Limited
– Teledyne Controls, LLC
– Thomas Global Systems
– Thommen


Cockpit Avionics, Test Equipment & Aviation Supplies

Since 1980, DAC International has been serving the global aviation community as a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies for general, corporate, military, regional and commercial aircraft. In addition to our distribution services, DAC is an FAA-approved manufacturing and development facility, holding several supplemental type certificates, parts manufacturer approvals and technical standard orders. Products are compliant with DO-160, MIL-STD-810C and MIL-STD-461F.

Today, as a subsidiary of AllClear, DAC leverages our global footprint and advanced capabilities to serve our customer’s needs.

Engineering Services

DAC Engineered Converters Solve Integration Problems


DAC has been serving the avionics needs of the aviation market for more than 30 years. We have the experience and the solutions to meet your needs. We continue to successfully field product solutions for a wide array of aircraft ranging from military and air transport jets to corporate and general aviation. Some of these products are simple data converters, others are complex solutions to meet today’s challenging integration needs. Prominent among these solutions are a series of Airborne Data Link Processor units that consolidate parameters, and gather data from a broad range of aircraft sources for use by Mode-S Transponders.

We specialize in product certification including DO-160 & DO-178 testing to support STC and PMA approvals.

DAC International’s Engineering and Certification Division is ready to assist with your system integration and certification needs.

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Featured Products

DAC International specializes in the sale and distribution of sophisticated avionics products, systems and test equipment to the world’s airlines, corporate aircraft, modification centers, aircraft manufacturers, special mission, and military markets.

AVlightX Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight

The ultimate premium grade solution for cabin, cockpit, emergency, preflight and mission applications.




  • AML PART 25 STC ST03424CH/
  • EASA 10058529/
  • MEXICO DGAC IA-423-2017
  • BRAZIL ANAC 2017SO6-09/
  • TCCA SA17-36

Documents & Info:

  • CMA-3024


S200-012 – SKYNODE S200-012 Safety Services SATVOICE ready single channel Iridium SATCOM

Documents & Info:

  • Safety Voice S200 Brochure
  • SkyNode S200 Product Brochure


RINC 429 Wi-Fi Bus Analyzer

Documents & Info:

  • App Screenshot, GDC75
  • Brochure, GDC75
  • Quick Start Guide, GDC75, Rev A
  • Quick Start Guide, GDC75A, Rev IR
  • Quick Start Guide, GDC75W, Rev IR
  • Transmit Quick Start Guide, GDC75A,W, Rev IR
  • User’s Guide, GDC75 Series, Rev A

— iOS 11.3 Update —

On March 29, 2018 Apple released iOS 11.3. DAC International testing and verification has shown that iOS 11.3 is valid for use with the GDC75, GDC75A, and GDC75W.

Product Description:

The GDC75W, P/N 1116-4000-21 ARINC 429 Wi-Fi Bus Analyzer provides a portable, battery operated ARINC 429 bus interface to an iOS device such as the Apple iPad or iPhone through a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. The Bus Analyzer consists of an interface unit and cables that connect directly to an aircraft ARINC 429 bus. The GDC75W reads ARINC 429 data on the connected aircraft ARINC 429 bus and provides a single ARINC 429 transmitter capable of transmitting up to 24 user configurable ARINC words.

DAC International’s ARINC 429 Wi-Fi Bus Analyzer is affordable and inexpensive to maintain. It will save your shop money by reducing troubleshooting time and guesswork which results in expensive bench test and recertification fees.

The GDC75W is a portable and lightweight alternative to otherwise expensive test equipment required to test aircraft digital data buses. Download the free “DAC Bus Reader” app from the Apple® App Store. Connect your iPad or iPhone wirelessly to the GDC75W to read ARINC labels produced by many aircraft systems.

The iPad or iPhone must have a Lightning connector and iOS 9.X software or newer. ARINC 429 buses can contain multiple Equipment IDs which produce different parameters. The DAC GDC75W Wi-Fi Bus Analyzer allows the user to select the configuration to properly interpret each label on the bus.

[1] Apple, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

GDC75 DAC Bus Reader App (free download using your iOS device):

  • DAC Bus Analyzer


Three Channel ADTS with MPSRC and 4+4+4 Option

Documents & Info:

  • MPS49 Brochure


Electronic Display Unit (EDU) Black

Certification & Eligibility:

  • CMA-6800 AML
  • CMA-6800 STC
  • CMA-6800 STC List
  • CMA-6800 STC-AML Approval Letter

Documents & Info:

  • CMA-6800 Brochure
  • DAC-CMA-6800 Flyer
  • DAC-CMA6800 Brochure


GDC64 TAIU – Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit

Description of Operation

The GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) provides power to recharge an Apple iPad® and also provides navigation information to the iPad® for charts. The GDC64 is hard-wired to the aircraft without the reliance on wireless connectivity. The GDC64 safely connects Apple iPad® to aircraft sensors to supply data to iPad® applications.

The GDC64 accepts serial information and ARINC 429 data with four ARINC 429 ports and 8 discrete inputs and converts it to USB data to interface to an Apple iPad®. The GDC64 is powered by an aircraft power bus. Through the GDC64 aircraft power keeps iPad® fully charged per approved Apple charging policy.

[1] Apple and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

— iOS 12.x Update —

iOS 12.X issue with Jeppesen Apps has been resolved. Please see SIL for more information.

iPad Pro

The GDC64 has been tested with the iPad Pro. This has been confirmed to operate properly except as noted above. Users will need a USB-C adapter to connect to previous USB-A connection.


GDC64 now compatible with FltPlan Go app for iPad, & iPhone.

Connected to the GDC64 FltPlan Go can now transfer GPS position, heading, altitude, speed, and track information as well as onboard XM Satellite weather information, including U.S. and Canadian radar, lightning, echo tops, and CIP from the panel into the FltPlan Go app moving map charts. The wired connection of the GDC64 offers the added benefit of serving as a safe and approved power supply.

Apple® now requires that iPad hardware support iAP2 protocol for proper operation with iOS 9.x:

  • Apple iPads® with 30-pin connectors, which do not support iAP2, require iOS 8.4 or earlier and GDC64 software version 006A or earlier. 30-pin iPads running iOS 9.x will not operate with GDC64 software version 0070 or later.
  • Apple iPads® with Lightning connectors and iOS 9.x or later, require GDC64 software version 0070 or later.

Contact DAC Sales for GDC64 software upgrade requirements and information.

GDC64 Apps (free download from App Store)

GDC64 with software version (-006A) or later:

  • GDC64 Utility – ARINC data setup/configuration
  • GDC64Wx – Weather app (iPhone/iPad)

GDC64 with software (-0050) or earlier:

  • Legacy GDC64 – ARINC data setup/configuration
  • Legacy GDC64Wx – Weather app (iPhone/iPad)

Certification & Eligibility:

  • FAA STC ST03996AT

Documents & Info:

  • GDC64 Dual Tablet Interconnect Instructions
  • GDC64 Install Manual
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-04 – (MOD 2) Upgrade to Increase Charge Voltage
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-05A – Software Notice 006A
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-06 – iOS 9 Compatibility Issue
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-07 – (MOD 3) GDC64 Requiring XMD075 Interface
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-08 – iOS 9.0 and 9.1 Compatibility
  • GDC64 S.I.L. No. GDC64-10 iOS 12.x/Jeppesen Resolution
  • GDC64 TruAtlantic AFMS for DAC International TAIU (Subject to Change)


GDC31 – Roll Steering Converter

Description of Operation

The GDC31 Roll Steering Converter with software version 001B is designed to receive RS232 or RS422 serial data or ARINC 429 Label 121 from a GPS Navigation System to produce an analog Roll Sum Steering (RSS) signal.

The GDC31 output signal connects to the heading error input of the aircraft’s existing autopilot. The GDC31 mimics the heading error signal of the aircraft’s installed HSI or DG. The GDC31 does not reduce or otherwise alter any existing safety features of the autopilot, such as bank limiting, rate limiting and protection from a hard over. The GDC31 provides lateral (roll) data only (no pitch data is supplied by the GDC31).

The pilot simply selects between heading mode and GPS mode by using the switch / annunciator. In heading mode, the autopilot operates as always, tracking the heading bug of the HSI or DG. In GPS mode, the GDC31 RSS signal drives the autopilot’s heading channel. The GDC31 calculates the correct course intercept angle from the data supplied by the GPS, smoothly guiding the aircraft onto the course. The GDC31 then holds the aircraft on the selected course. If the GPS is programmed with Flight Plan data, the GDC31 will calculate the new intercept angle at each waypoint change, intercepting and holding the new course without pilot intervention.

The GDC31 is designed to operate with both rate based and position based autopilots.

GDC31 AML Model Qualification Process (MQP)

DAC International has obtained FAA approval to add new autopilot models and/or new Class I, II or III airplane models to the GDC31 STC AML under new AML Model Qualification Process (MQP) guidelines.

Click link below to review GDC31 AML Model Qualification Process (MQP) document for processes, guidance, and checklists to consider your aircraft model or autopilot for determination to amend the STC AML.

  • GDC31 AML Model Qualification Process (MQP)

Install Kits (sold separately)

  • PN 1049-4200-20 Connector Kit
  • PN 1049-4201-20 Annunciator Kit w/14 & 28 volt lamps

Optional Equipment (sold separately)

*check install manual for requirement

  • PN 1049-4801-01 Isolation Coupler
  • PN 1049-4200-50 Install Kit, Iso Coupler

Certification & Eligibility:

  • ANAC BRAZIL STC and AML 2011S04-01
  • GDC31 EASA STC – C310
  • GDC31 EASA STC Permission Form
  • GDC31 FAA STC Permission Form
  • GDC31 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • GDC31 STC Flight Test

Documents & Info:

  • GDC31 Brochure
  • GDC31 Flight Manual Supplement
  • GDC31 Installation Manual, Rev Z
  • GDC31 Service Info Letter – Holding Patterns & Procedure Turns
  • GDC31 Service Info Letter – King GPS Receiver Incompatibility

Manual Supplemental Drawings:

  • 429 Interrupt Relay
  • ARC 1000 with GDU620
  • ARC 1000 with HSI-70C
  • ARC 400 with IN831A
  • Bendix FCS 810 with IN831A
  • Bendix FGS 70 with AS395A
  • Bendix M4D with FD 112V
  • Bendix M4D with IN863A
  • Brittain Accu-Flite Model B-12 with G502A
  • Century 21 with 52D254M
  • Century 21 with NSD360A
  • Collins FCS65 IFCS with HSI-70
  • Collins FCS80 FD with HSI-84
  • Collins FCS80 FD with HSI-85
  • King KAP 150 with KG 107 DG
  • Sperry SPZ500 with RD500
  • Sperry SPZ500 with RD650
  • STEC 30 with 52D54
  • STEC 30 with NSD360A / NSD-1000
  • STEC 40 with STEC 6406


Since 1980, DAC International has been serving the global aviation community as a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies for general, corporate, military, regional and commercial aircraft. In addition to our distribution services, DAC is an FAA-approved manufacturing and development facility, holding several supplemental type certificates, parts manufacturer approvals and technical standard orders. Products are compliant with DO-160, MIL-STD-810C and MIL-STD-461F.



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