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AllClear is recognized as one of the leading sources of F-5 Fighter sustainment solutions. We offer F-5 military operators around the world access to original OEM parts, supplies, spares, repairs, and engineered products. Our agreements with leading F-5 OEMs such as Parker Aerospace, and others allow us to provide aircraft-sustainment and modernization services that meet or exceed the aircraft’s original specifications.

AllClear customers depend on us to keep their F-5 fleets in the air safely, and with the most modern capabilities available.

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F-5 Sustainment Intelligence

At AllClear, we are much more than just a distributor or an MRO.  We offer decades of F-5 platform experience, in-house expertise, and global intelligence. Our customers can leverage these capabilities to stay ahead of the curve in their F-5 sustainment, maintenance, and modernization efforts.

Our F-5 Sustainment Intelligence Services

  • In-House Platform Experts
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Long-Term Maintenance and Sustainment Planning
  • Regulatory Support and Compliance
  • Fleet Modernization Planning
F-5 Tiger Fighter Jet

F-5 Systems We Support

Air Conditioning


Electrical Power

Fire Protection

Flight Controls


Hydraulic Power

Landing Gear





Electronic Panels

Emergency Power Systems


Power Plant

Engine Starting

Accessory Gear Boxes

F-5 OEM Partners

Through our leading relationships with F-5 OEMs, AllClear is a stocking distributor for hundreds of F-5 parts and supplies. Our agreements allow us to provide support for every major system on the aircraft, with unmatched quality, performance, and parts availability.

F-5 Tiger Fighter Jet
F-5 Tiger Fighter Jet

F-5 Upgrades, Modernization, & Support

By working with our OEM partners, AllClear offers a range of exclusive F-5 upgrades and modernizations, which can extend and modernize the capabilities of this legacy aircraft.

Repair Services for F-5

We also coordinate with a strategic alliance of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul partners around the globe, to offer our F-5 customers a comprehensive range of services, anywhere they are needed.

Our F-5 Repair Services

  • In-House Repair Services
  • Repair Management
  • Tooling Development
  • Engineering Design
  • Fabrication

AllClear owns and operates an FAA-approved and AMETEK-certified repair station specializing in the complete repair and overhaul of Accessory Class III and Instrument Class I, II, III, and IV products, as well as various instruments in support of U.S.-manufactured, legacy military aircraft.

Capabilities extend beyond repairs to include:

  • Tooling Development
  • Engineering Design
  • Fabrication

Components include, but are not limited to:

  • Instruments
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Fuels
  • Landing gear
  • Brakes
  • Electro-mechanical accessories
F-5 Tiger Fighter Jet
F-5 Tiger Fighter Jet

Engineered Products For F-5

We offer engineered products solutions designed to reduce traditional replacement costs and lead times of aging airframe components. Our experience on the F-5 platform encompasses both knowledge and capability across many of the airframe elements of the aircraft including manufacture of numerous airframe components. This has afforded us substantial experience working within the parameters of the OEM’s quality and technical documentation, and enabled us to provide solutions for challenges unique to the F-5’s lifecycle.

AllClear has extensive experience building structural components for the T-38 and F-5 platforms. We continue to grow out capabilities to keep up with the legacy aftermarket demand for engineering solutions by offering experience and capabilities with build-to-print, re-design, and modernization solutions for T-38/F-5 structural aircraft assemblies and subcomponents.

How can our aircraft sustainment services help you?

AllClear is ready to provide custom solutions for your sustainment challenges. Need a quote ASAP? We’re ready to launch.