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Quality & Compliance


Industry and Military Standards

AWS D17.2
MIL-W-6858 (AMS-W-6858)

Major Primes/OEM Specifications

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Aerojet Rocketdyne

Precision Welding Services for Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace Welding was founded in 1951 as an OEM-certified source for precision welding processes, which include spot, seam, stud, and flash welding services for the aerospace & defense market. Aerospace Welding is compliant with industry and military standards such as AWS D17.2 and MIL-W-6858 (AMS-W-6858), major primes, and OEM specifications, and Nadcap-approved for welding and the Aerospace Quality System.

Seam Welder
Seam Welder
Seam Weld
Seam Weld

Capabilities Overview

  • Resistance welding processes as a service to a broad range of commercial and military aerospace customers
  • Available processes include resistance flash, spot, projection, seam, and percussion stud welding
  • In-house chemical cleaning of parts
  • In-house tool design and creation
  • Vast network of proven metallurgical services
  • Capability for proof testing and external capabilities for magnetic particle inspection, heat treatment, pull testing
  • Turnkey certification services for weld schedules
  • CNC turning, milling, manual machining
  • Nadcap-certified to weld to all industry and customer specifications, including AWS D17.2 and specifications for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and other major primes and OEMs
Flash Welder
Flash Welder
Flash Weld
Flash Weld
Spot Welder
Spot Welder
Spot Weld
Spot Weld

Welding Services

Resistance Welding Services

  • Flash, spot, seam, projection, and percussion stud welding
  • Sheet metal parts
    • Tubular parts
    • Ducts and flanges
  • In-house part cleaning
Stud Welder
Stud Welder
Stud Weld
Stud Weld
Spot welding
Welding in process
Flash weld



Aerospace Welding offers a diverse and dynamic work environment where all employees are committed to the community we serve and to exploring endless professional opportunities. Our success is based on delivering high quality products and providing unsurpassed customer service. We achieve this by working hard, thinking about our customers’ needs, and treating our internal and external customers with the highest level of integrity. We believe this can only be accomplished by working as a team.




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