Kearfott Corporation UH-60 Trim Servo Actuators

In the ever-evolving landscape of aerospace and defense, where success hinges on finesse and trust, AllClear is proud to partner with Kearfott Corporation. Renowned as a global trailblazer in crafting components for guidance, navigation, and motion control, Kearfott brings an extensive legacy of mastery to the forefront of both military and commercial domains.

Elevating UH-60 Black Hawk Performance

Kearfott’s unparalleled flight control actuators, specifically designed for the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, embody a commitment to innovation and reliability. The UH-60 Black Hawk relies on three critical Kearfott Trim Servo Actuators for enhanced control in yaw, roll, and collective axis. These actuators, a testament to Kearfott’s precision engineering, contribute to the helicopter’s maneuverability, responsiveness, and overall mission success.

A Partnership for Global Impact

In a significant stride toward expanding our product offerings, AllClear has secured a multi-year exclusive distribution agreement with Kearfott. AllClear proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for Kearfott’s Trim Servo Actuators in international regions and the US Air Force PROS, reinforcing our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for critical military applications.

This strategic alliance reinforces our dedication to supporting military aerospace worldwide by incorporating Kearfott’s cutting-edge technologies into our extensive portfolio.

The Future is Aerospace Excellence

Looking forward, the collaboration between AllClear and Kearfott Corporation promises a future marked by unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and ensuring the utmost mission readiness. Together, we’ll navigate the evolving landscape of aerospace technology, setting new benchmarks and contributing to the safety and success of military aircraft operations.