The world of aerospace engineering demands peak performance under extreme conditions. AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (HT), the industry leader in high-performance heat exchangers, takes flight as your trusted partner in thermal management solutions.

Custom-Crafted Cooling for the Toughest Challenges

AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (HT) understands the critical role of customized thermal management in aerospace. They specialize in bespoke plate-fin heat exchangers explicitly designed for military and commercial applications. They prioritize exceptional heat dissipation (ensuring optimal operating temperatures), weight reduction (achieved through their lightweight, plate-fin construction), and unwavering structural integrity to withstand the demanding conditions of flight.

A Complete Cooling Ecosystem: Beyond Heat Exchangers

But their solutions extend far beyond just heat exchangers.  HT’s expertise encompasses the entire thermal management ecosystem, offering:

  • Engine Surface Coolers: Maintain optimal engine temperatures for peak performance and extended lifespan.
  • Fuel-Cooled Oil Coolers: Efficiently manage oil temperatures using readily available fuel as a coolant source.
  • Air-Cooled Oil Coolers: Deliver reliable cooling in applications where fuel-cooled systems are not feasible.
  • High-Temperature Buffer/Pre-Coolers: Ensure proper temperature staging for sensitive systems.
  • Bundled Heat Exchanger/Fan/Blower/Duct Systems: HT provides complete, pre-integrated thermal management packages for seamless implementation.

Taking Flight with Confidence: AllClear Aerospace & Defense as Your Partner

AllClear is a trusted distributor for AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (excluding Japan and Israel) and shares its commitment to excellence. Their focus on quality and regulatory compliance is evident through their AS9120 and ISO 9100:2008 certifications. This unwavering dedication ensures you receive best-in-class thermal management solutions, exceptional customer service, and support.

When navigating the demanding world of aerospace, keeping cool under pressure is critical.  Partner with AMETEK Hughes-Treitler and AllClear for thermal management solutions engineered to take the heat and keep your mission on track.