OEM Partner Feature: Aerosonic

In a world where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, AllClear is proud to highlight our partnership with Aerosonic – a true pioneer in the field of aviation instrumentation and avionics.

Legacy Meets Excellence

Since 1953, Aerosonic has been at the forefront of aviation technology. From air data systems to standby displays, digital and mechanical standby instruments, sensors, and probes, Aerosonic’s legacy is one of continuous innovation and unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge aircraft products.

Aerosonic’s flagship instruments are capable of delivering critical flight parameters such as altitude, airspeed, rate of climb, cabin pressure, differential pressure, angle of attack, vertical speed, and cabin rate of change. What sets them apart is their unique ability to be powered solely by the air in and around the aircraft, showcasing their commitment to sustainable and efficient aviation solutions.

A Trusted Partnership

AllClear is honored to collaborate with Aerosonic, aligning our missions of delivering high-quality products and services with a commitment to excellence. As a trusted partner, we stock Aerosonic’s products to offer just-in-time delivery, ensuring our customers have access to these critical instruments when they need them most.

Our partnership with Aerosonic extends our reach to support customers worldwide, particularly in the military aircraft sector. We proudly offer spares and repair services for a variety of military aircraft, contributing to the safety and success of these critical platforms.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between AllClear and Aerosonic represents a union of innovation, reliability, and excellence. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of aviation technology, we look forward to reaching new heights and setting the standard for aerospace excellence, always with the goal of enhancing the mission readiness of aviation operations worldwide.