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Specialty Pneumatics for Legacy Military Aircraft

Founded in 1959, TAVCO has developed a range of proprietary designs for the manufacture of complex high-pressure pneumatic controls and pressure vessels. The company also offers strong capabilities for specialty welding, CNC machining, and the integration of aerospace and defense components.

There are thousands of TAVCO pneumatics systems installed worldwide and an ongoing demand for new OEM production and aftermarket spares/services for the global operator community.

TAVCO has been a long-term OEM manufacturer of specialty pneumatics devices for legacy military aircraft and helicopter platforms including the F15, F16, C-130 P-3 and SH-60, along with product lines for several other aviation platforms. Today, TAVCO maintains its storied brand identity, while operating through AllClear’s Engineered Products division.

Products & Capabilities

NASAM offers components from more than 20 leading manufacturers. This list is representative and not exhaustive, so please contact NASAM for electronic components from any manufacturer not listed here.

  • High-Pressure Pneumatic Controls
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Specialty Welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Aerospace & Defense Component Integration

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